anyone see reggaeton lately?

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26-05-2007 13:38:23

I went green on his site about a week ago, and just wondering where he is. Havent seen him on here in over a week i think. No rush since my green took forever, but I would like to know he didnt take off on me. Thanks!


27-05-2007 08:26:00

if your trade is instant and he not pay ontime -Pm to MOD KeithA He will help you contact that person. if your trade is pay at aproval .youurl==http://=http:///url need waite he aproval and it noproblem


27-05-2007 11:31:04

Well its kind of complicated. The original trade was I green on 3604free and he green on giftcards for me. However, it took me over a month for manual credit for the site, which I finally got last week, and over that month I finished my site. I told reggaeton if we could work out a new deal, and just pay me what the average price of that site was, and I haven't seen him on here in a while. In the trade module it says site for site, which would be instant, but I no longer need that site and the new deal was in mid-process. Don't know if this helps.


28-05-2007 23:47:57

hieuandthuy's suggestion is a very good one. You should PM one of the mods and they can help you get in touch with him. Have you checked to see when he was last on?


29-05-2007 10:34:45

It's a bit fast to contact a mod, he's well known A4F and has a good trade record, so I doubt he's running away. Just keep trying to contact him, I'm sure he'll pay you when he gets your messages.


29-05-2007 16:52:33

he was banned on A4f actually


03-06-2007 14:43:33

i tried contactin KeithA like I was told and he never responded. What do I do next? I still have yet to seen him.


03-06-2007 15:12:22

If you PMed a mod and haven't heard back within 48 hours, you are allowed to PM another mod. I'm surprised to hear you haven't heard back from Keith, though, but sometimes things get busy.


03-06-2007 15:51:32

[quote9c1dc0dbfc="mikeman565"]i tried contactin KeithA like I was told and he never responded. What do I do next? I still have yet to seen him.[/quote9c1dc0dbfc]

Sorry I never responded; looks like that one just slipped through.

He hasn't been here since April 24, so it's fairly safe to assume that he won't be back.

I emailed him, and I'd suggest you do the same. I'd also contact the site administrator ASAP to see whether he's already received his gift. If not, explain the situation to the site admin.


03-06-2007 15:58:43

I hate to say it but I told people....I also reported him but nothing was done awhile ago.