taylor_jonna, Brandy Crawford is a scammer!

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26-05-2007 03:30:02

taylor_jonna wanted all the ordergiftsfree sites that I had. So I set up trades one at a time, waiting for green, and paying for 2 sites at a time...4 sites total. Support for ordergiftsfree informed me that taylor_jonna was on hold for registering and completing offers more than once. This is blatent fraud and misrepresentation...Please look out for this person Brandy Crawford....2 different email==emails...taylor_jonna@yahoo.comemails...taylor_jonna@yahoo.com=emails...taylor_jonna@yahoo.comemails...taylor_jonna@yahoo.com/email and email==dark_as_knight_09@yahoo.comdark_as_knight_09@yahoo.com=dark_as_knight_09@yahoo.comdark_as_knight_09@yahoo.com/email

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05/26/07 Randy A user you referred, email==taylor_jonna@yahoo.comtaylor_jonna@yahoo.com=taylor_jonna@yahoo.comtaylor_jonna@yahoo.com/email, has been placed on hold. Your status is not affected when a referral is placed on hold, but they do not count toward your referral requirements. Here is the explanation we gave them

Multiple Accounts You have been found as having multiple accounts. This is against our Terms of Service. If you feel this is an error, please use our Support section.

The following notes were also included

It appears you have multiple Fast Food accounts. On both accounts you've completed offers. Completing offers on more than one account is against our Terms and Conditions. You will remain on hold.