problems with jdeke47

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25-05-2007 12:49:38

I've tried and tried, and am getting nowhere with this trader. I have PMd him, PMd moderators, nothing. The mods even give him a pretty "Don't trade with me" avatar roll

We set up a green for green trade back in Feb. I went green on his site shortly thereafter. He has been full of excuses, etc. Finally I asked YGF about the missing credit jdeke told me he requested months ago, and YGF told me it was denied.

Jdeke responded to my PM with - I can't do any more offers, I'll just pay you. I sent him my PayPal info. This was 3 weeks ago, and nothing since. He has posted as recently as 5/18 and has a thread in the Trading Post. Those of you that know me know that I do not post here unjustified, but Jdeke47 has given me no other choice. Everyone needs to be aware.

Be warned - this trader is NOT reputable.



25-05-2007 13:15:02

There's not much else we can do at the moment--he has had his trading privileges suspended since you first reported your problems with him.

I hope that you get compensated for your loss, but his TR of -1, custom title, and lack of access to the trade module should be enough to deter others from trading with him.