Problems with darock76

Live forum:


24-05-2007 16:55:23

I went green for darock76 on may 09 and I sent him a message stating that I was green. His last visit to this site was on may 18 but he has not paid me for my green.


24-05-2007 17:44:00

You need to pm a mod and see what they say. He could just be on vacation or something could have come up )


23-06-2007 19:06:30

ive had problems with him too



29-06-2007 10:47:07

When I decided to do the trade with him I did not think I would have any problems with him because he has a high TR but I guess I was wrong....having a high TR means nothing.....almost 2 months since i went green for him and he has NOT paid me...... evil evil