Going to the Netherlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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20-05-2007 22:46:45

So yeah Ill be leaving Wednesday, May 23rd for a 3 week adventure in the Netherlands. From today on ill be getting ready for that and in philly visitng the Gf...so I wont be on too much.

So I wont be on the forums for a while and I think I am in the middle of a no credit request (from one of my referrals of course). If you green, youll just have to wait till I get back (June 14 or so).

So basically im just bragging that im going to the Netherlands.

Hope you all miss me of the forums while im having a blast in Europe. Ill try to get on the forums there (maybe bump the drunk posting thread), no guarentees though.

peace yall


21-05-2007 21:42:56

The Netherlands are so great! Have a fun time )