mousey1 went red

Live forum:


20-05-2007 18:50:44

mousey1 went red in a short time, lost $45
Has a trade record of 12, contacted this person several times, no response


21-05-2007 09:51:05

He did 3604FREE for me an went green but I am not done with site. He did DVDRecorders but did not green & I pmed him with question but has not answered yet.


21-05-2007 10:49:43

I've put him and his cousin 14zorro on notice. They were signing up and completing offers from the same home IP, which no doubt is the result of your hold as well. Both of their trading privileges are restricted, and if they haven't owned up and made an effort to fix things by now, they probably aren't going to. They'll both be banned and reported if they don't step up ASAP.


24-07-2007 21:14:41

Just went red for me too on sony.v-bux...luckily hadn't paid him yet.