unresponsive st3rling

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17-05-2007 05:33:04

started trade on 4/13 was to pay him $20 paypal for hotstufffree4me but have not heard from him ive pm ed him and no response he went green for me on 360free4me a month ago
how long do i have to wait to request deletion of trade


17-05-2007 06:12:39

If he didnt conf. I would go ahead and request deletion. If he did conf. then the 2 week rule applies.


17-05-2007 13:04:31

He hasn't contacted you, you've tried contacting him, and nothing has happened (you haven't payed and he hasn't greened)? If that's the case, then follow what gator said.

Otherwise, hang onto it ... maybe they will be back shrug