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nurse 29

16-05-2007 21:15:05

These guys are a rip off! Pay $9.95 for the trial then, they charged $25 to SEND it and had the nerve to say it was in the terms and conditions...NOT!


16-05-2007 21:23:49

Sent you a PM...


16-05-2007 21:37:36


They do put it in their Help section....Looks a lot like the setup on posterpass, and yup...they have the same address as posterpass too (their shipping is $31).....Anyway good luck with this....


16-05-2007 21:39:13

I also had problems with that offer a while back http//


17-05-2007 05:03:33

It was in the Terms when I looked at it, which was why I didn't do it. It is important to carefully read everything with an offer (or a site) to be sure they are not slipping something else in.



17-05-2007 05:05:07

I also did the posterpass. When I got charged that ENORMOUS amount for shppg, I called them and I was instructed to send it back for a full refund. It did not cost anything to send it back as the PO told me to write refused on it.


17-05-2007 05:08:20

The coffee is yummy though ) I really like it!


17-05-2007 13:18:18

It was stated in the terms but not only is the offer expensive, it is hell even trying to contact a live person by phone because leaving a voicemail gets you nowhere.


21-05-2007 08:18:34

greetings all, after completing this offer and not getting and email I looked around and found this thread and I have a little info thanks to toys who posted this link

so I took that link and turned it into this link


and got a home page of sorts for Seattle Direct. One can click on My Account from this page. But of course a new sign does not know their password because they were not prompted to enter one at sign up. I clicked on forgot password but in my sign up email and presto an email sent with a munbo jumbo password, copied and pasted it into the login link provided and got the the my account page that correctly displayed the info from sign up. There is a very easy link to reset password. This may not be much but at least it generated an email.

In addition, to my surprise this morning, the offer was credited ) )
I was all ready to do battle too. It was on a traiin site.

Hope this helps



21-05-2007 12:15:37

I'm glad that you got it to work out for you )