NDJ What is the deal?

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14-05-2007 06:38:43

I hate to be too critical of someone, however this person has really put one over on me. I thought he was trustworthy, but not so. I have given him nearly 2 weeks now and I still have not gotten paid for the green I did for him. Being a newbie I also lose out on my TR; which can be helpful during the newbie phase. I have emailed with him, as well as, PMd several times and he always seems to have a lame excuse or doesn't respond at all. He has such good responses and yet all of sudden this. I know his name, but at this time I won't publish it unless I see him listed under a new username. Don't do anything for NDJ you just may not get paid for your efforts.
If anyone has a suggestion to help me out please let me know.


14-05-2007 06:57:19

I think at this point, you need to PM a mod and get them to help you out with this situation.


14-05-2007 06:57:20

I've PM'd him and restricted his trade privileges until this gets sorted.


14-05-2007 07:02:04

He has told me he was already restricted. The reason I do not want to be too critical of others is I believe with all that I am in the "Golden Rule"... I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I just wish he would TRY to resolve this....Thanks for any input.


14-05-2007 07:21:48

His PM's were the only thing restricted before, and that restriction has been lifted since 5/8 or so.


14-05-2007 17:06:37

I have just completed the payment to Codysma. I have not been on the forum since early last week because my father passed away. Sorry but some things are more important than a payment to a trader. Codysma needs to realize that things happen outside of this forum and perhaps this is not the business for her.

It has only been a few days since we last communicated and this is totally unfair to post something like this as soon as she did. Correct me if I am wrong but don't the rules state that you should try to contact for two weeks before resorting to this?

I certainly will not trade with her again!!!

I am still dealing with family issues so I will be off this forum most of the time but will try to check as often as I can.


15-05-2007 06:15:36

Though NDJ seems to think I have wronged him in some way he somehow forgets that I completed his GREEN for him 2 weeks ago and he told me he was banned from the forum, which was not true. He was banned from pming for a few days a week ago and I had been sending him emails. I did not get a response from him for several days last week even after I informed him I knew of his forum status. This post was put on the forum yesterday because he would not respond to me and he had not told me the truth. I do believe in treating others the way I want to be treated and that is why I did say anything against him other than the fact that he wouldn't respond nor pay me. I think I have been more than generous in waiting on him to respond. It is a shame that things happen this way.......
I do pay on time, at green, and I do try to complete a trade as quickly as possible. I inform the other trader if I am having a problem as soon as possible. Yes I am a newbie still and that is even more the reason why I want to prove to others I am trustworthy. This is an unfortunate event that did not have to happen. All he had to do was email me or PM me back and he did not.


15-05-2007 07:32:22


I'm not sure if you saw, but his father passed away. He decided not to log on to the forum or email during that period.

Is it true that you received his payment? If so, do you think your latest post was necessary?


15-05-2007 08:22:04

Yes, I saw that his father past away and he did pay me paypal this morning or last night.
I do feel that I needed to clarify that I was not asking very much of him in wanting a response. In the real world we have to take care of our responsibilities even in the most difficult time of our lives. He had an obligation to me to pay me and he would not have done so had I not placed the post yesterday, I'm sure of that. Why did he not email me before rather than trying to make me look as though I was in the wrong?If he has been so out of the loop then how is it that he saw/heard of my post? I am sorry that his father died, however his obligation to follow through with a trade has been going on for 2 weeks and all he had to do was email me or PM me and let me know his situation, I have been rather understanding in waiting as long as I did before posting yesterday. He did not have to lie to me or lead me to believe he just couldn't get on the forum. I'm not sure when his father actually died, but a quick note to allow someone to know they are not ignoring them would have been most appreciated.


15-05-2007 08:46:22

I'm locking this thread now since the matter is resolved. For future reference, two weeks is not a terribly long time to wait in the freebie world, and the death of a parent supersedes pretty much everything during a short period of time like this.