frochaibo....offer fraud

Live forum:


12-05-2007 15:46:49

Did 2 trades with him and PMed him when he went on hold and never got a response. Thank god it was caught when he only had .5 credit. Just a heads up. I noticed he was posting for greens so i figured i better post this. And yes he read the PM i sent him by next day.


12-05-2007 16:43:03

pm a mod to explain your situation.

chances are he'll go red on someone again.


12-05-2007 19:30:51

I've had several trades with him and he's been a responsible trader, this could be a mistake.


13-05-2007 08:58:47

Well he needs to man up and answer his PMs...that was 2 weeks ago so its not like i didnt give him a chance. I will also send him this link to give him a chance to straighten this out.


14-05-2007 12:37:33

Hes replied and trying to rectify the situation