First trade went bad

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11-05-2007 10:27:38

Someone told me to get in touch with Scott but, I don't know how I am to do that. On my very first trade, the guy I was doing it for told me he couldn't afford to pay after I had signed up for the offers ( I'm not often on the forums, so if you could PM me with any help that would be great.


11-05-2007 11:55:17

I'm looking into it for you.


11-05-2007 18:36:39

that is not kosher.
what u could do is contact the site u greened on and ask them to hold ur green for now. tell them the guy will not pay for your referral and to please not approve his account until u tell them otherwise )
what site did u do?


12-05-2007 22:18:17

Depending on your site, you can either place your account on hold or unrefer yourself or move your account.


13-05-2007 06:57:57

What site was it?