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10-05-2007 12:06:37

Due to the spreading wildfires, residents of a county less than 30 miles from where I live were evacuated 3 nights ago. As the fires from Georgia continue to push south and west into Florida, there is growing concern here.

For the time being it seems that we are okay, but I wanted to post this notice just in case.

If we receive an evacuation order, I will not have the opportunity to post a "going away" notice. So, if I should "disappear" for longer than a couple of days, it is because I have been forced to leave.

I will post here again once the danger has passed.

Thank you all for your understanding.


10-05-2007 12:20:10

Wow, hope you don't have to leave your home. Be Safe!!! D


10-05-2007 12:23:18

No way?? I haven't been watching the news but it's been getting really bad my car was cover in ashes last night (


10-05-2007 12:27:34

Sorry for all that have to go through this (


10-05-2007 13:07:35

Fire sucks ( thats what i'm the man of ice ;)

hope you are OK


10-05-2007 13:33:32

Thanks everyone - like I said, for now we're fine - but I wanted to post "just in case". We've got a wind advisory now, which is not good when there are wildfires, but we shall see...


10-05-2007 13:39:44

NOAA says a storm system is heading your way. should help )


10-05-2007 14:41:19

I sure hope so Jenn - as I was driving home I could see the heavy blanket of smoke to the east and the highway that my street turns off of disappeared into thick yellowy-gray smoke up about 5 or 6 miles. You can smell it and you can see a haze everywhere. It burns my eyes. You can bet I'm praying for rain!! In the meantime, we're getting our 6-day emergency kits together...

On the upside - there's been no power interruption and nothing on the local radio station - so hopefully everyone is just on edge for nothing.

I'll keep y'all posted )


10-05-2007 14:59:24

Gosh! Good luck...hope everything's ok. That kind of stuff's scary!


10-05-2007 16:18:28

Ash has started to fall from the sky.
But no call to evacuate yet, so it's just an annoyance at this point.
Kind of exciting in a twisted sort of way...


10-05-2007 16:28:42

Wow! I would be staring out the window all day! HEHE but thats me the big wimpy scardy pants...

Hope everything is going alright!! I will go do alittle rain dance for ya wink wink [/colorf50a4b7a10]


10-05-2007 16:38:55

Keep us updated!! I hope everything is alright - I will also do a raindance for ya lol )


10-05-2007 16:39:44

...rain dance...

It is kinda cool to watch - it reminds me of living in Cleveland watching the snow fall - except it's not cold and miserable lol

...course the snow can't burn my house down... P


11-05-2007 12:41:28

Well, the ash continued to fall throughout the night and this morning the smake was very thick. The one thing that kept running through my mind was the special on the history channel about the eruption of mount vesuvius where they did the dramatization of what the people in pompeii went through - falling ash, the sun darkened by the smoke...

But the sky last night was black and there was a deer in the neighbor's yard, so I don't think we're in imminent danger.

But my husband and I are going out of town anyway for the weekend to get away from the smoke and to just take a little break. So I won't be online tomorrow at all and probably very little tonight and Sunday...


11-05-2007 13:39:04

Yeah my parents live in FL and said the air is very smoky


11-05-2007 15:05:23

Well, have a great weekend with your hubby and when you come back hopefully it will all be under control.

sandra habina

11-05-2007 17:38:29

BE SAFE DEAR - ENJOY THE WEEKEND. You are in my prayers.


13-05-2007 09:42:38

Take care. A fire is nothing to take chances with. Hope it all works out for you. Ill also say a prayer to all out friends in flo. (Fred)


13-05-2007 09:48:12

What about the goats?


13-05-2007 10:11:24

yep. goats to.


13-05-2007 14:37:08

The goats can live for a day and a half - as a matter of fact all the animals were fine and are now super-happy to have us back D

And we had a wonderful weekend hanging out in Clearwater... Now it's back to the grind (


13-05-2007 15:38:17

Hopefully it's all cleared up soon, I couldn't stand living in those conditions (


14-05-2007 18:08:15

What part of Florida are you from? Im from Cape Coral and theres fires about 20 minutes from here in Lehigh Acres


14-05-2007 18:30:17

We are in North Florida just west of the junction of I-75 and I-10.

I'm very happy to report that even though the fires are not completely resolved yet, they are supposedly contained and the smoke is clearing more each day - at least for now...


14-05-2007 21:26:07

That's awesome to hear that things are alright!

Big War Bird

15-05-2007 02:10:07

Good to hear things are getting better, sorry we georgians exported our fire!


15-05-2007 05:26:12

[quote6a4f45e65e="Big War Bird"]Good to hear things are getting better, sorry we georgians exported our fire![/quote6a4f45e65e]