asuperstar103 is a scammer see his TR

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10-05-2007 10:03:32

i think he has more than one account and left his TR him self!
he said pay me after green ,but when i got green he deleted the trade!

timmydd64 awesome trader. very fast green
cooperus Great trader fast green.
double_d Fast green. Thanks a lot!
Numba24 very good, went green even after some trouble with the site, hopefully we can do business again
bidenni Great trader, even when had to go extra mile. Thanks A
kala Excellent trader. Very good communication, recommended!
TryinToGetPaid Quick Green! Great User!
Prestony889 No feedback entered.
tigerdre Easy smooth payer upon approval......would trade with again in future...thanks
tigerdre very good trader......thanks
tigerdre Great trader and Great Payer Thanks A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
tigerdre Thanks good trader[/color0492a0de99]
krayf Excellent trade..... would trade with again anytime!
tinajoe thanks, good communication!
supersponger1979 Fast green, great trader!
wendyjmck great working with you! great trader!
tradeho quick, easy green
shettleworth Excellent Trader ! Great Communication!!
spaceboy_55404 This person prompty paid me when I wen GREEN....Will Trade again!!!
spaceboy_55404 No feedback entered.
Xerho Smooth trade
ricochet Experience pays! Thanks for the trade!!
styx817 Very good trade! thx
styx817 awesome girl!
Gryhound No feedback entered.
thefreedude great trader went green very fast
198123 excellent trader to deal with, prompt payment, highly recommended
198123 great trader, excellent communication, wonderful to trade with, highly recommended
198123 No feedback entered[/color0492a0de99].
ejmoose Will continue doing offers.
papi08861 great trader thanks
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Skraps22 another awesome trade, always a pleasure doing business with you!
Skraps22 Great trader. Paying on approval and came through no problems. Highly recommended to do business with!!!
joeswifemandy No feedback entered.
sheilla Very patient w/ newbie . Lots of help , great communication, great trader
Jay42 Great Trader, Fast Green!
Latanya fast green. She doesn't play no games when it comes down to turning green!!!
manuziggy No feedback entered.
manuziggy Great trade
shpooh Great Trader..Would trade again anytime!!
shpooh Extremely helpful to newbie and patient Thanks!
sandycy22 thanks for a great trade!
sandycy22 Thanks! This has been a great trade. Look forward to working with you in the future.
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sandycy22 Great user to trade with! Thanks
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beckydoodles Great Trade!
beckydoodles great trade!!
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ckarogers No feedback entered.
OldSkooler There was a little mix-up with the payment but it was received. However, asuperstar103 was very helpful with my first trade. A
myancey fast payment on approval..great trade
myancey Great trade fast payment on approval
flyygirrl05 ok trader, pays on appoval i personally like my money on green
GTBalla14 great trader
mgwillusa Great trader. Payed as soon as green.
grndmsta Very helpful, very informative, great trader!
rollergirl GREAT TRADE
Musicaltiger Awesome trader! Very patient when I was having trouble. Greened fast for me!
fly351 Awesome trader!
grndmsta Even when things took longer and weren't workin out, you came through! Thanks for the green!!
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sun-flower Great trader. Paid me soon as I greened.
sun-flower Great trader. Instant payment [/color0492a0de99]
stueybaby17 Good Communication! Good Trader! Thanks!
stueybaby17 Good Communication! Good Trader! Thanks!
tnuev u r the best
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Gryhound No feedback entered.
chicofido4 thanks. good trade
stueybaby17 Great Trader! Thanks!
Roger A great Trader, Would trade with anytime, Thanks11
Rock Great trader, good to work with, Thanks
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RichardM good trader, came through with cash!!
RichardM good trader that followed through to completion
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masuja Great trader, pays good on approvals
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lae Very helpful. My first trade. Will trade again!
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krayf Excellent trader as always.... fast payment, great communication, highly recommend
marbleeye good trade quick payment
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eric7554 great trader, A
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trusano Another great trade. Trustworthy.
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trusano Would trade with anytime. Thanks for the deal.[/color0492a0de99]


10-05-2007 10:21:10

don't trust this guy, he is a cheater


10-05-2007 10:42:56

Why do you have my username high-lighted. Yes, I traded with him but the trade went fine. He greened on one of my sites for me for cash which was sidekick.ygf and I greened on two sites for him for cash which was paypal.2dollardeal & hotstuff.free4me.



10-05-2007 11:10:00

This post makes no sense to me either.... so what if Asuperstar did multiple trades with other traders? We all have......

I've done several trades with aSuperstar as well..... never had a problem and only have great things to say about this trader!!


11-05-2007 08:48:30

I will agree that the multiple trades isn't unusual but they could also be correct??? HMMMMM?


11-05-2007 09:10:43

I also do multible trades. If I find somone willing to do all my sites and I trust that person. I have had as many as 5 trades with the same user and 3 is not uncommon.


11-05-2007 10:16:03

007 Seek,

did you seriously just post this in the SCAMMERS section?

JUst because someone has more than 1 trade with someone doesnt mean that they are a scammer. Look at my TR, i have like 4 trades with multiple people, all whom left me TR. So am I a scammer?

YOu need to think before you post something like this because you can damage someones reputation


11-05-2007 12:00:39

I have a feeling this person is ghostflower trying to get back at asuperstar because he got caught frauding, 1111AAAA is probably the same person, I think all of this because of their terrible grammar and that they joined just to post this /


11-05-2007 12:46:57

[quotefebe8edba3="DIABLO"]I have a feeling this person is ghostflower trying to get back at asuperstar because he got caught frauding, 1111AAAA is probably the same person, I think all of this because of their terrible grammar and that they joined just to post this /[/quotefebe8edba3]

lol, good guess


11-05-2007 13:34:30

yepper, I think you hit the nail on the head. Keep up the good work guys. As fast as yall keep busting scammers we ought to have this forum cleaned up in no time.