Haven't received a reply Ref for ref trade

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10-05-2007 07:05:05

I went green for egmossmann about a week ago and he was supposed to go green on my site, but I sent him a message on the 4th, and it is still in my outbox. Do you think he is coming back?


10-05-2007 07:29:13

Pm to mod and talk him about your Trade ..


10-05-2007 09:37:19

Hang in there. If they are still in your Outbox, then this person hasn't picked up messages yet. Maybe out of town or something. When he/she picks up messages, they will be moved to your Sentbox, so hopefully they are not ignoring you, just got busy with something else.


14-05-2007 18:09:08

All you can do is keep watching your outbox. I had a user two months ago do a green trade with me. She is still yellow and I don't know if she ever sent a manual request or not because she hasn't been back in the forum since.

When it's been a couple of weeks you can ask that you be removed as his/her referral, or you can just leave it alone.