FSR[FSRevolution] (SWGreenID) being completely unfair.

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04-05-2007 12:18:55

Okay, so almost two months ago, I had purchased a script for these guys, (the ones who wound up scamming people). Anyways, I wanted to return the script back to SWGreenID, who I paid $600 to for it., and get it deactivated, since I will not be using it in any way, shape, or form, and it's sitting and idling by itself, not being touched. I paid $600 for this, and he's being completely unfair, and telling me he won't refund me.

I do not want to run my own site, as it was for these other guys who were scammers. I begged him. I pleaded with him. He has $600 of mine that basically WENT TO WASTE. I don't know what to do. He's being a jerk, and told me he won't reply to any of my emails about this matter.

However, he said I can still use the script and use his support. What good will that do? This is pathetic. (

This is $600 I'm talking about here, that's a lot of money, and I'm only 18 years old. Can someone who knows him, please help me here? I don't deserve this shit. evil

If anyone wants to help me out...(

His email= address email=chrisreidham@gmail.comchrisreidham@gmail.com address email=chrisreidham@gmail.comchrisreidham@gmail.com/email
His other email= address email=support@fsrevolution.comsupport@fsrevolution.com address email=support@fsrevolution.comsupport@fsrevolution.com/email
His AIM screen name SWGreenID
His other AIM screen name FSRevolution

[bd22a3641f7]So if you plan on buying a script from him, don't, because he's full of himself, and he's a big jerk.[/bd22a3641f7]



04-05-2007 12:21:29

TFOAF, I wouldn't expect him to refund it....you paid for it, gave it to someone else or something...they scammed..you now have it back. I don't know if you are allowed to resell it? But you should have thought harder when spending 600 bucks for that script.

How come you don't wanna start site?


04-05-2007 12:21:45

Do they have a money-back guarantee?

unknown uchiha

04-05-2007 13:20:31

I'd totally signup for FOAFY'S FREE GIFT WORLD anyday.


04-05-2007 13:36:29

It's not unusual for software to be non-refundable, especially custom software. You can't really expect him to refund you just because it's $600 and you're 18.

Ask him if he'll allow you to resell it. Then you might recoup at least some of your investment. Otherwise chalk it up to a bad business decision and be more careful next time.


04-05-2007 13:43:31

I believe the return policy is 30 days...

Like dmorris said, see if you can resell it, I'm sure someone would love to buy it for even $500.


04-05-2007 18:55:10

$200 ? )


04-05-2007 20:12:22

Anyone wanna buy it for $550?


05-05-2007 05:27:15

I got the go ahead to resell the script. Any takers? $50 off for the Unlimited Version. Full ownership of the script gets transferred to you.

Selling it for $550.


05-05-2007 09:09:16

wow when i saw this i thought it was a joke topic, SWGreenID is nothing but helpful D


05-05-2007 10:15:41

Are you kidding me? I don't see him being under any obligation to refund you. Lots of people are starting sites these days, though, you should be able to sell it without too much trouble.


05-05-2007 10:16:36

From what I see here, he helped with reseller rights within one day ;)

I'd suggest to sell it from another topic, in For Sale / Hot Deals section arrow


05-05-2007 10:41:52

[quotedcf08bab27="annel"]From what I see here, he helped with reseller rights within one day ;)

I'd suggest to sell it from another topic, in For Sale / Hot Deals section arrow[/quotedcf08bab27]

arrow http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=61427


05-05-2007 17:45:40

$300.00 Just a bid. Let me know. thanks (Fred)