Problem Trader-Brian9889

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01-05-2007 21:59:39

I greened on 4/18 for Brian9889 on tech.hotgifts4you. Said would pay $20 on approval. I tried to contact him on the 19th, 20th, 26th and 30th to ask his progress with no response. I need to be paid--I feel I have been scammed...


02-05-2007 02:09:53

You might need to wait until they respond. Have they read your messages (ie are they in your sentbox)? If they are still in your outbox, they have not been read. Also, have you contacted a moderator first? If not, go here and contact a mod ... do not contact Admin, because he doesn't like it.

And one final note. You need to remove your ref links from your signature, because getting paid will not be an issue for you if the mods ban you for being in violation of the rules.

Hope this helps, and hope you get this all straightened out.


02-05-2007 05:12:47

If you agreed to being paid "on approval", be aware that approval can take weeks, even (rarely) months at times. It is nice if the other trader keeps you updated, but I don't believe the rules require them to (although they should answer if you PM). Perhaps they have had a situation that has kept them away from their computer for a few days.........

Also, get the ref links out of your signature ASAP or you will end up banned.


02-05-2007 05:33:05

First post, so I'll grant a probation. Just read that thread and never post a ref link again.


02-05-2007 06:45:11

I will remove that now--Thanks for not banning me!
I understand and appreciate all you have said. I guess he doesn't have to respond, but it would be nice to know. I have sent notice to a mod ... I guess I'll just wait it out. I have never had to wait more than a week before, though, so I was getting ticked...thx again!