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01-05-2007 10:30:46


I agreed to do 2 trades for him on April 20th Giftcards.YGF and Supplements.YGF.

I went green on both sites within 24 hours and PM’d him to inform him of my status. I received no reply to that email.

I waited a few days, and PM’d him again on the 25th.

I finally got a reply asking for my registration email and paypal email. I PM’d him back immediately with my information which was already listed on the trade module and had been since day 1.

On April 30th, I was still waiting. I checked on my trade module, as I do every day, and noticed that he had put the status for Giftcards.YGF as “Trade Failed”, so I PM’d him to ask why. He informed me that [ue912635263]I never went green on that site! [/ue912635263].

This is ridiculous! Here are the screenshots to prove I went green on the 21st!

http//[" alt=""/imge912635263]

[img="e912635263]http//[" alt=""/imge912635263]

Now, how many people do[ue912635263] you [/ue912635263]know with the name JanaLee? This is obviously me!

When I told him about the screenshots, he said that if that was true, then I had provided him with wrong email addresses. I double checked what I had put down, and they were right!

I found another thread where someone else had the [ue912635263]same[/ue912635263] problem with him [url=] http//[] http//[/url]. Here he is saying someone else never went green for him when they did.

He did finally pay me yesterday, though.


01-05-2007 15:16:25

First off I am male.

Ya I paid you so why are you complaining, I accidentally mixed up your registration e-mail with someone else's in my spreadsheet so to me it looked like you only had 0.5 offers done.

PayPal was sent yesterday after a bank transfer cleared.

Problem solved.


01-05-2007 16:33:58

Calling out without all the info = not disco.


01-05-2007 22:46:45

[quotea7b02e8113="tinkerjenn"]Calling out without all the info = not disco.[/quotea7b02e8113]

In English that means what?


02-05-2007 10:34:30

I'm sorry I referred to you in the feminine form, I fixed that. When the paypal came through, it listed a woman's name, hence the confusion.

I made this post even though you paid me because this seems to be a repetitive problem for you (as evidenced by the other thread I showed) and I believe that others need to be aware of this before trading with you.

Having mixed up my email with another's on your spreadsheet is understandable, but when I had PMed you more than once saying I had gone green, you should have cross-checked with your trade module.


02-05-2007 11:07:46

I think it was just a mistake by him with you, he's a great trader.. Give him a break you got paid.