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01-05-2007 08:26:50

Here is an interesting PM I received today

From tradehot
To frediggy
Posted Tue May 01, 2007 609 am
Subject excellent trade center
You can post the trading post with excellent trade center http//BigBlackCocks.com/forums/trade.php


01-05-2007 08:35:44

hahaha, just pm a mod about this.


01-05-2007 08:51:58

I got it too and passed along to the mods


01-05-2007 08:55:27

Me too... Then got another one from a different handle. Passed them both on.

Poor mods are going to be swamped.


01-05-2007 08:59:03

it's a new trading forum, i dont know why they are masking the link with bigblackcocks though


01-05-2007 09:16:39

Ugh, two down.


01-05-2007 10:50:11

Received one too.


01-05-2007 11:33:11

Damn I dont get any of the good PMs


01-05-2007 12:22:51



01-05-2007 12:25:41

Check the thread "Obscene Spam" in Off-Topic.


01-05-2007 13:44:43

I received the same PM, sent it to a mod. He wrote me back and said Tradehot had been banned.

unknown uchiha

01-05-2007 16:55:25

Received same PM, the site looks like it's taking Paypal to list your trades. How lame. I already see people offering $100 for aznfreebies, which is most likely a sign of intention to not pay after receiving greens -.-


02-05-2007 03:39:55


I got 2 about 1/2 hour apart. The first person had already been banned, so when I got the second one I checked his status and it was active, so, I contacted a Mod and within 15 mins that person was banned.

I thought for sure that was going to go on all day long.

Now, me personally, I didn't open the link, but did you downthesun? lol

I had no idea it was an advertisement for another forum...thought is was what they said. A lot of us got a good laugh outta that yesterday, but sure was inappropriate.

Margot wink


02-05-2007 05:44:32

I didn't open the link either. I have two small kids and when I saw the name on it, I didn't think it was a good idea. Guess this person didn't get the attention they wanted.