Going to open a PAYPAL DISPUTE. Any advice? Toni21 went red.

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30-04-2007 23:24:35

I paid Toni21, aka Jasmine Streeter, $25 on green for Paypal2dollardeal. This was in March.

I just found out today that she went red and I want my money back. She won't respond to PM's, and for all I know she has been banned.

I am going to open a dispute with her on Paypal. Can anyone advise me on how this works? Has anyone been through this process before who can shed some light on what to expect?

Also, has anyone traded with or been scammed by Toni21, aka Jasmine Streeter, before?

I want to hear from as many people as possible. I am more than willing to give up the TR point I got from this trade to get my $25 back.


01-05-2007 07:27:30

I seem to remember there being another thread about her a while back (in march, I think)...she never completed a trade with me, so I never paid her (thank goodness), but then I read later that she went red for a few people. Do a search on "toni21" and you should be able to find it.


01-05-2007 13:07:39

I think it's a little too late to get your money back. There was a whole issue with her a long while back in March and most people that filed paypal disputes didn't end up getting their money.


01-05-2007 13:41:19

Best thing to do, since she won't respond, it to open a dispute, and immediately escalate it to a claim. I HIGHLY doubt she will even respond within the 10 day period, so then it is automatically found in your favor.

You probably won't get your money now, but he/she won't even be able to use PayPal again unless she resolves these issues.


01-05-2007 15:27:20

1. If she doesn't have the money in her PayPal account, good luck getting it.
2. If this was more than 45 days ago, you can't file a claim.