Beware of Amc5kidz

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27-04-2007 03:04:22

Hello all. Beware of Amc5kidz. I completed for him 8 days ago and havent heard from him since. He has pulled a disappearing act apparently. I would advise everyone in this forum not to do any business with him.


27-04-2007 03:13:27

It's always unfortunate when someone doesn't follow through with their end of the deal.

Have you contacted a Mod? That should always be the first step with suspected problem traders. Amc5kidz's feedback looks pretty good, so it's possible they have lost access to a computer, or had an emergency, or has gone out of town...Always check with a Mod just to make sure.

Hope you get your issue resolved!


27-04-2007 04:47:54

tried to have a look at thier profile and it says they dont exist. Are they from FIPG? Or is the spelling wrong. Both of you did it a little differant and I tried both ways


27-04-2007 05:06:12

I had no trouble finding his profile. It says his last post was on Monday 3-26. Mods can probably let you know that last time he logged in. It is possible that he had an emergency and has been unable to get online.

But you should PM a moderator about the situation and they can check for you.



01-05-2007 22:32:32

april 27? holy crap! when was the last time he pmed you? I opened a thread on him about 2 weeks ago, that i got him a green on yourfreeflatscreens on march 21. hasnt beenonline since 3/26. what a bummer