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23-04-2007 22:56:09

I traded with David Beroff and he said that he would pay me upon approval. I've now sent him THREE messages asking for him to contact me and at least let me know WHEN it will be approved, or at least what is going on and have gotten NO responses back AT ALL.


23-04-2007 23:02:25

sorry to hear that theres another thread open about him.


24-04-2007 00:50:11

1. Has he read your messages? Or are they still in your outbox, indicating they haven't been read.
2. You agreed to wait until approval, so you'll have to wait. Depending on the site, it can take anywhere from a few days up to a week or more.
3. Have you contacted a mod first before posting this? If not, please contact a mod.

Hopefully you get this all straightened out, though )


24-04-2007 07:26:27

since there are 3 messages about him, how about you pm a mod?


24-04-2007 07:40:14

He has a pretty good reputation of paying, but he does require approval. And it's kind hard to tell you WHEN it's going to be approved when it isn't up to him to have it approved.

Not defending him, just pointing that out. He really doesn't hang out here much so he isn't real active about PM's and forum posts.


24-04-2007 08:44:11

I've contacted TSJ, just isn't online/hasn't read the message yet. And while I understand he may not be active on this forum, he could at least send a message that takes 30 seconds to say he hasn't forgotten about me, estimated time of approve, SOMETHING.


24-04-2007 10:51:52

How can tell you when he will be approved?

He has no idea when he will get more referrals. Once again, noobies thinking that upon approval will be within the week......


24-04-2007 11:51:43

I did limit his ability to enter new trades about a week ago on account of the fact that he hasn't come here to explain himself. I wouldn't get alarmed yet--I just don't want him getting in over his head.


24-04-2007 21:57:01

Tryin...there's no need for you to be a dick and just call people noobs when they get upset. I never insulted you, nor did I make any rude comments towards anyone else. I was simply pointing out that I have not gotten paid from him, after he TOLD me he was turning in his trades within the week and would be approved quickly. That was the only reason I did pay on approval was because it would be quick. Don't assume that just because someone gets upset and happens to have a low TR that clearly they're stupid noobs.


25-04-2007 05:35:44

thats just how he talks to people