007seek Put On Hold

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23-04-2007 22:09:02

007seek was just put on hold on cash.customorderthis after I checked their green over AIM support. Went red for a fraudulent phone number and having completed video professor twice. His/her PM's to me were both demanding and threatening in the end for payment. I'll post specifics if this user tries to play dumb and make me out to be the bad guy but will hold off to give them a chance to explain.


24-04-2007 05:43:26

Thanks for the heads-up...I have an unconf trade set up with that one. I WAS wondering tho...haven't we had a few unsavory traders here lately who had usernames along the lines of 007 or Bond? Not that it's necessarily indicative....


24-04-2007 07:26:54

( scammer again...gosh