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23-04-2007 10:25:13

After waiting weeks for a return on my PM's and now another week on waiting on an email, he is definitely a scammer - stay away from this craptastic moron and look forward to him being banned.


25-04-2007 23:07:26

Just an update, this guy has been banned - admin. Keith A took care of it I believe. So don't expect to get paid - sucks. (


01-05-2007 11:32:05

Found this scamming ass#$@! on AIM today, sent him a message - here it is

marketingman0069 (112245 AM) hey, not sure if you've been out of town or what, but several people, including me, are looking to get paid by you for completing your sites over at FiPG - fairly sure the admins have banned you already - were you just out of town?

“fly351” signed off at 113530 AM.

What a prick.