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22-04-2007 20:58:42

Hi all who are involved in a trade with me. I will be away from my computer from April 26th through May 1st. If there are any questions before then, pm me. If not, I will be back in contact on Tuesday, May 2nd. Have a great weekend....I will...... ) ) )

I'm back. And whoops, Tuesday is May 1st........


25-04-2007 09:19:00

Have a great time...will look forward to seeing you back!

Margot wink


25-04-2007 09:51:30

thank you. we need to do a trade when i come back. you have nothing but good things said about you!!


25-04-2007 12:22:49

Hope you are going to be away for fun and not business )


25-04-2007 12:36:36

thanks. I'm heading to S. Carolina for a wedding. Never been there so i'm excited. Get to see family also. We're all spread out over the country so that'll be fun. Just hate flying....


25-04-2007 12:38:14

South Carolina is pretty decent. Sounds like you'll have a fun time (if you like your family ;)), but sorry you don't like flying. Anyways, we'll see you when you return.


25-04-2007 12:43:39

thanks. I love my family. We're just a bunch of Italians that get together about once a year, usually around Christmas and eat and drink. See ya when I get back. Oh, and thanks for the info on the pasting of threads, or whatever it's called. I'm so computer illerate it's not even funny.


25-04-2007 12:44:50

Oh ... no problem. I love helping people )


25-04-2007 12:46:49

you're a very nice person(from what I read) that's nice to see in such a young person as yourself. take care dear and have a wonderful weekend.

sandra habina

25-04-2007 13:50:22

Once again my friend - Have a wonderful time. Want to hear all about it when you get back. Yeah


25-04-2007 13:52:52

Thanks Sandra. You're a doll!!


25-04-2007 16:39:51

[quoted6b300d454="ricopet"]thank you. we need to do a trade when i come back. you have nothing but good things said about you!![/quoted6b300d454]

That's because Margot is a hottie........ lol

Ricopet - Have a great time!! 8)


25-04-2007 20:08:14

thanks krayf, i will.........


01-05-2007 18:23:17



01-05-2007 20:32:59

WB, I got away May 4-6 for my one year anniversary. I wonder where a tank of gas can get us, were just picking a random direction to drive, lol.


02-05-2007 02:05:37

Wait, did you bump this because you are going away again? If so ... have fun. And if you bumped it even though you are back ... then welcome back, you should have said something )


02-05-2007 07:04:06

Yeah, I edited the first post and said I was back. I guess I should've just replied. Oh well, I'm back and ready to roll!!