Montset went Red *Resolved* Thank you

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20-04-2007 05:24:53

Ok, now that i have some one how can back me up i will restart this. He went red on my Yournintendowii4free site April 19 or 20 which ever you wanna call it around midnight. I pmed him yesterday asking for an explanation, however he read the message seeing that it is not in my outbox folder and still hasn't responded. He has responded to someone else but not mines. I might be a little slow or something, but dose this sound fishy, if he did make a mistake on my site why is he in contact with the other person and not me? Like i said i may be slow or something. I decided to still post here just to inform people who are in a trade with him or are about to start a trade with him. i rather save one person from being scared even at the cost of being criticized. If you think i am wrong then go read another scam thread.
Thank you


20-04-2007 05:46:47

you really should give the person a chance to respond, then contact a mod before you post it here )


20-04-2007 13:45:28

ok he went green on my site....but someone else told me to watch out because he went red on all their sites...


20-04-2007 16:48:16

move along


20-04-2007 16:55:12

Ummm ... ok, so let me just see if I can fill everyone in (seeing how I have no affiliation to either party)

About 2 days ago, montset makes a trade thread that says he has sites he is paying for or trading greens for. Early this morning goodboy PMs him asking about why he went red. Montset hasn't responded, so without waiting for a response or even PMing a mod, goodboy opens a scammer thread.

Hmmm...Now, I am an impartial party in all of this. My personal opinion is that you should give him at least a day to respond to your PM, goodboy. Then, if a day passes, you contact a mod, and have them try to help you, before you go and bust open a scammer thread. It is possible he made a mistake and is trying to fix it, who knows.

That's my two cents. Contact a mod, see if they can help you.


20-04-2007 17:04:49

Hopefully he just made a noob mistake, but you made a mistake as well. -p


20-04-2007 20:44:42



21-04-2007 07:50:31

well Goodboy I think what happened to you is they are making an example. Seems alot of our newer folks dont understand that this section is a last ditch effort and to warn others of bad traders.


21-04-2007 15:08:24

Editedli Thanks for all of your info and inputs.


23-04-2007 17:59:45

He went green on my site last week. He was the last one I needed and I got my gift, so no problems with this trader for me.


24-04-2007 10:15:59

Montset has just refunded my money & cleared up our issues. Thanks!


24-04-2007 10:18:26

on train it don't matter what email you use to regitser just don't do an offer twice


24-04-2007 10:24:12

[quote0be341213a="LLee93"]Montset's response
"indeed i should say all things because of yourself,you make me big you know?
just wait to see others get greens from me would go through approval.
(one told me that he has get approved today)"[/quote0be341213a]

This fractured english sounds almost exactly like that from a user I just had put on hold at cash.customorderthis. His PM's are almost indentical to these - perhaps just coincidence.


24-04-2007 10:58:40

I have a green with him but havent gone through approval yet.


25-04-2007 22:32:05

Sorry for the late reply, he contacted me like 2 days ago and said he would refund me, but stil, no communication after that. i will post the pm's when i get off work. thanks


26-04-2007 18:35:36

It has been a while now since i last heard from him, man i am now -90 in the hole. someone just went red on both of my sites, i will "wait" like everyone said i hope he refunds my money seeing that he has a tr of +80. SIGH.
i hope i get my money back. You know this blows, i wanna help newbies out because i was trusted when i was just a noob. maybe i need to reconcile the whole Freebie biz. i got in to have fun and put a lil extra in my pocket not go into the negative.i will keep you all posted.

Also about that user with +80 tr should i let a mod know about this or just wait and see if i ever get anything?


26-04-2007 19:00:31

Just to update...Montset was approved on my site. No problems at all.


27-04-2007 04:58:16

Also about that user with +80 tr should i let a mod know about this or just wait and see if i ever get anything?[/quote4364fa087b]

Definantely PM a mod about it. Even if you choose to wait and see what happens, they need to know about it. And they may be able to offer assistance in the meantime.



29-04-2007 00:40:28

Update. Montsent has refunded my money please lock. thank you all.