tnuev - went RED

Live forum:


19-04-2007 11:48:37

I waited for a long time after having communication with this trader. They have a decent TR, but to no avail I am unable to get either a refund or substitute green.After theykept telling me to just wait they are busy they will go green on another site -or a refund in 3 days ect. I have contacted a mod and they told me to post here. Just beware, scammed again, this stinks!!!!


19-04-2007 13:36:30

I had a problem with this trader, too. A while back we set up a trade. Tnuev left me hanging for weeks before finally coming back with "yeah, sorry, don't really want to do that site..." Now seeing he/she's gone red for you, I'm glad he backed out on me and I never had to pay him. Another near miss for me -- I've almost set up trades 2 or 3 times with people who later turned out to be big problems for other people. Wonder how much longer my luck is going to last...


19-04-2007 21:00:25

He signed up for 5 of my sites and did one. Never even requested a tr. Then left me hanging on the other sites for a month and a half. Finally was able to delete trades with help of mod. Irritating!!!!!!!