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19-04-2007 11:32:24

This is the second comment I am putting on here for MLARKIN- as this still has not been resolved. We traded a green for a green in FEBRUARY. I went green, he did not and has ignored ALL pm's I have sent him. I know he is getting them and has read them, just does not respond.
I would not trade with him, I know he has a lot of good feedback, but due to the trade with me with no communication and not keeping his end of the deal.....BAD TRADER, he's had plenty of time to respond to this trade.


19-04-2007 23:28:14

tinajoe ... i don't see the trade in the trade module, nor do i remember doing a trade with you


19-04-2007 23:47:00

Unfortunately I had a non-communication problem with mlarkin3 too. After countless PM's and ways of trying to contact them (I know she read them, because they went from outbox > sentbox) I ended up just canceling the swap.


19-04-2007 23:50:35

i dont remember you either ....


19-04-2007 23:56:31

Hmm weird...cuz you read my PM.

"From Skimboarder
To mlarkin3
Posted Tue Mar 27, 2007 947 pm
Subject Any update?
You have taken a very long time to go green and therefore am giving you 48 hours to respond to why you have not or I will cancel the trade. Thanks!"

It's sitting right in my sentbox.


20-04-2007 00:10:58

so your saying, i have to open the message for it to go to your sentbox.. ??? or can i just delete it..


20-04-2007 00:22:51

When a message is sent it is placed in your outbox. When it is read it the n moves to the sentbox, ergo you read it as it is no longer in my sentbox.

Anyways, enough of this I don't care. You are not a scammer or anything so I am backing out of this all. Lack of communication is just not polite, but by no means does it signify a scammer.


20-04-2007 03:21:17

Yes green for green tinajoe
055822pm 02/22/07 mlarkin3
072124am 02/23/07 Link
No contact info inserted.
No contact info inserted.

Give me a break, you don't remember - above is the trade from the trade module, you can look at the site that I went green on for you and see that is on there. You have received ALL my pm's as well, they are all in my sent box. I DO consider you a SCAMMER as I went green for you and you did not keep your end of the deal. You went yellow - apparently....then I never heard from you again.


20-04-2007 06:35:31

mlarkin3, don't play dumb with these two. They've both sent you countless PMs, which you've clearly read (and in some cases responded to).

Until you make good on these trades, enjoy your new rank. Also, the privilege to enter into new trades in the new trade module has been taken away.


20-04-2007 06:45:14

Well, it sure is in MY trade module and I went green for you. You did sign up at my site but never completed it, I have cut and pasted where you signed up
February 22, 2007

I will go check my pm's to see if I still have the pm from you when we set up the trade.

I would appreciate you fixing this deal in some way, I can very easily prove that I went green for you and got nothing in return. I'm sure a mod could go into my trade module and see for themselves that a trade was in fact set up and completed on my part.
Another question, out of ALL the pm's I sent in ref. to your status on this trade - why wouldn't you at least pm back and ask me what I was talking about if you don't "remember" doing this trade with me?


20-04-2007 06:50:21


I just checked my saved pm's and I do have proof to back up what I am saying. If you want to make this right I would appreciate a paypal payment or you going green on a site for me. I will then retract my scammer thread on you.

I will be back on here this afternoon.


20-04-2007 10:54:45


what the fuck do you want ?????


20-04-2007 11:48:10

I think $20.00 sent via paypal to would be fair.

By the way, your language and attitude is not appreciated, as YOU are the one in the wrong here, if anyone, I'm the one that should have an attitude and poor language.



20-04-2007 11:49:56

By the way, thank you Keith!!! I appreciate your assistance with this!



20-04-2007 14:22:00

first of all fuck you im not wrong here, i do have a attitude problem, i am getting help with that

i'm not wrong here at all, i don't really remember doing the trade, but i was looking at the history of my trades i see a green for green ... it was hidden and the site you wanted me to do for you, i did already

but i will pay you $18


20-04-2007 14:24:47

[quotea527a67989="tinajoe"]I think $20.00 sent via paypal to would be fair.

By the way, your language and attitude is not appreciated, as YOU are the one in the wrong here, if anyone, I'm the one that should have an attitude and poor language.


i could careless if that is so, this is a free country .... unless you are from canada or somewhere besides the US


20-04-2007 16:45:01

It's obivous you have serious issues and I'm not going to lower myself to your level. You really should broaden your vocabulary - the "F" word is really ugly.

Please let me know when I can expect payment of $18.00 into my paypal account. Again my paypal email= account is account is


20-04-2007 18:58:57

well the flililililili payment was sent, have a nice day and take off that bullshit dont trade with me,if he don't i will have to dispute the payment payment


You have sent $18.00 USD to An email has been sent to the recipient.


20-04-2007 19:44:36

Terri, please confirm receipt of his payment.

Any more bickering and everybody gets a 7-day temp-ban. Let's not forget we're adults just because this is the internet.


21-04-2007 07:08:20

mlarkin3 has resolved our dispute and paid me for the green I did for him.


21-04-2007 07:54:04

Always keep it to one thread please. Anyone who dosent read your other thread has no ideal what you meen


21-04-2007 08:19:55

I've restored mlarkin3's rank and ability to enter new trades.