Will my referral go RED!!!! uh oh!!

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19-04-2007 07:35:51

ok so I just did a trade today where my person did two sites for me...
I paid them on green as promised and found out 10 minutes later that they cancelled the offer they signed up for immediately after getting my $$
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ok im better now. just wondering if anyone thinks I have a chance on them going through [b22d09f319e]approval?[/b22d09f319e]


19-04-2007 07:41:10

yup they will


19-04-2007 07:46:33

[quote18c5376756="gmario"]yup they will[/quote18c5376756]

Not always...but most likely. Who is this user, they are committing offer fraud and might get away with it.


19-04-2007 11:53:06

I would tell the which network and the user because then that user will go on hold on both sites regardless if they site owner gets paid for the leads or not /..but that is me


19-04-2007 20:02:54

After you go through approval if you will please let us know who. that is offer fraud and we all need to look out for each other. (Fred)


20-04-2007 14:51:40

Well they are not going to trade anymore I think...
they were new here and did not realize the rules...
I think I scared them off!


22-04-2007 18:35:08

Hey there,

I'm curious about this...if a referral does cancel a offer immediately, but passes approval, there is a good chance that the advertising affiliate will catch that at some point and revoke or rufuse to pay the site owner their money, and rightly so...well, I have seen it posted, but can't remember where, that traders were being penalized for their referrals actions.

Can this happen?

Thanks, wink