aaasmartcat frauder

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18-04-2007 14:24:56

just be aware, this user has gone red on the xbox360elite.getstuff4free

for clear fraud.

and insisted to be paid on green... roll glad i didn't


18-04-2007 15:56:18

I haven't been doing this for very long, but it seems even since I started the number of scammers just keeps multiplying. We need someone creative to think of a way to deter their evil ways.......


18-04-2007 16:41:03

i agree rico.. i ahvent been doin this long either.. and luckily have not been scammed yet.. i read this forum pretty much daily as i have said before... scammin pisses me off to no end.. as i've said if everyone just does what they're supposed to do then we all win.. i mean what we do is a win-win-win-win situation for everyone.. us.. the person gettin paid to green.. the sites for us signin up for offers.. and the advertisers ofering the offers... just seems so fuckin ridiculous to try to scam a system where no one is hurting roll i will definitely think on the subject you proposed.. but so far.. the only things i see as a scam deterrent is paying on a pproval so far.. but i dont blame anyone for wanting to be paid on green.. i pay on green as well.. that was how i was paid when i started almost 2 months ago in this bi'ness.. i mean i dont put in a stipulation that if the person goes red they either need to fix it or pay me back.. i think it should be pretty much a given.. i feel it rude to put that in my offers but i do understand why it is put in there.. i guess some ppl are just born wantin ta screw somebody over <shrug>.. i realy enjoy trading b/c like i said everyone wins and it is NOT a scam.. the only scams that go on are the pricks that perpetrate them.. but i dont think there will ever be a way to NOT get scammed and weed them out BEFORE it happens.. i'll think on it and hopefully some others will as well and maybe we could come up with somethin.. but these scammer forums DO help.. at least for others who havent been scammed yet