Did not received MVavra payment

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18-04-2007 09:02:14

She finally did referral for me so it is OK now..after trying 3 times to send PAypal.


18-04-2007 16:12:37

I dont know if its a special account or what but I have had payments sent to me that I had to accept. Only rarily but it has happened


18-04-2007 16:18:39

So you got your payment but somehow your saying the didn't pay you? lol


18-04-2007 18:08:57

Sometimes Paypal will credit instantly, but I know that there are also many times when I have had to go and manually accept payment. Such as the money I just got from Trainn ...

And as gmario said it sounds like you got your money, even though you had to accept the payment.


18-04-2007 18:32:53

[quote6d889ac900="piano"]That says it. Pretended that sent money but I had to accept it. Paypal credits automatically.[/quote6d889ac900]

When I pay with a credit card the other person has to accept it first.
And if you accepted the money, you were not scammed.


19-04-2007 07:18:39

The reason they have to accept it is because the account who you sent the money to is not verefied i seen it happened before.


19-04-2007 07:53:10

Very hard to understand this...

But If I make a CC payment the user usually has to accept it.

One time I had a payment and I couldn't accept it because it was a personal account. I had to use my verified account.


19-04-2007 18:25:26

Thanks everyone for clarification.. I never received a payment and never was asked to accept it. She tried three times as she says, but finally we agreed that she will do a site for me instead.


19-04-2007 19:42:37

If you have a personal account and somebody tries to pay you with a credit card or bank account, it will ask you to confirm because you have to pay a fee for it.

Did you check your spam email?? It might have gone there.