fmbond007 has refunded payment!

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17-04-2007 17:59:06

After getting word from a fellow trader here on this user fmbond007 going red I decided to have this user's greens checked by both and Sure enough the user was placed on hold for frauding offers. This is the message I received

My support ticket

Is there anyway you can check this user out? The signup email= is is He apparently has gone red and/or put on hold on other sites. I would appreciate any help on your end. Thanks.

The sites response

On 04/17/07 user Alesha wrote
Yes, unfortunately you are correct. He has frauded quite a bit of offers so his hold is permanent.

Anyhow I paid this user on green. I am attempting to get my money back. Just saw this user had traded with quite a few people here and thought I would post this report. Thanks.


18-04-2007 06:57:24

I wanted to let everyone know that fmbond has refunded my money. I guess this was just an honest mistake.



18-04-2007 10:04:30

Hello. I wanted to let everyone know I received a full refund from fmbond007 and this appears to be just a mistake. Thanks. Also, fmbond007 cooperated in a timely matter, and I appreciate that.

musing mumbler

18-04-2007 16:30:18

I paid this guy $20 upfront to do an offer for me. His credit checks out on my site when I asked support about his status.

So far I'd say he's legit.