Is Nytrate on Vacation?

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musing mumbler

17-04-2007 16:40:06

She owes me $17 dollars for doing an offer on her site. I notified her on April 5th that I had completed my side of the offer and that I was awaiting payment. We had agreed that she would pay on green because I'm paypal verified.

Her last post on the FIPG forums was on the 8th of this month. Has anyone tried to reach her?

I don't think that an established user with a high TR like her would suddenly decide to start scamming people, I'm just wondering what's up and a little irritated that I haven't gotten my money yet. ?



24-06-2007 05:30:23

I was on vacation. When I left you weren't green. In fact you took awhile to green I didn't think it would ever go through.

No worries. It has turned green in the interim and I will make good.


24-06-2007 06:49:12

Welcome back nytrate! liwavesli