First trade a Bummer

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15-04-2007 13:17:37

I thought this would be fun and maybe make a buck or two along the way. My first trade is with David Beroff. I was told he is a 'good guy'. I went green the last of March. Received my merchandise two weeks ago. I was to get paid when I went green. Then was told I had missed the cut off and would be paid the 10th. Hasn't happened. I did my part and he hasn't done his. I am not doing another trade until/unless this one has a good conclusion. I don't know what is going on with him but if he wants to maintain his 'good guy' reputation he needs to pay up. He made money from money I spent and I want my $20 ... by damn! I did get a pm from him offering another trade. He must think I have STUPID written on my forehead.


15-04-2007 16:06:12

Don't know all the details here, but I know he most always pays on approval for people with little TR, which it seems you have. So perhaps he was supposed to pay you on approval? Just a thought )


15-04-2007 16:50:02

I'm sorry your first trade was craptacular.

There's ALOT of good poeple here though. Don't give up on all of us because of one bad seed


16-04-2007 12:30:41

Don't be too discouraged ( Whereas there are some scammers out there, there are at least three times as many good traders out there otherwise this whole freebie business would have flopped already. If you ever want to work out a trade and I happen to have something you want, feel free to message me. Check out my feedback and you'll see plenty of people who have had a positive experience ^^


16-04-2007 14:27:45

Hi There,

I'm sorry too that that happened to you; hopefully it is a misunderstanding, and everything will work out...have faith hun, this really does work, and as others have said, there are a lot of helpful honest traders.

For me personally, I would recommend you get ahold of sandra_habina. She has a 202 + tr record, and is wonderful with new people. Both her and I love to help people get started.

Don't get discouraged, once you get this whole thing going your way, it's a great money making program. It takes a bit to get started, and taking your time, feeling your way around, and getting familiar with the forums and rules will all help build your confidence with regards to your next trade.

Take care, and have fun will wink

Margot 8)


23-04-2007 12:46:23

Hang in there I got rooked on my first 2 trades and lost out on $90.00 and I hung in there now I have all kinds of friends here Margot530 is a great person and so is sandra habina they have both helped me and they could help you to. They are not all bad.


29-04-2007 06:56:57

Wanda is right. I too, have been scammed, but there are a lot of good people in here. Don't give up. It will get better.


29-04-2007 09:58:58

Don't be up sad i got scammed for $30 bucks over at on Saturday, first trade i do in months and i get scammed!! (