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15-04-2007 09:02:22

Has anyone seen oneil584?
I did a green for green trade in Feb that finally went green on a manule creidt the end of march. oneill584 needs to do their green for me and I have not seen him here since the end of Fev and they have not opend any of my PM's. Does anyone know if they were taking a break from breebies or something. He has a good TR and I was wondering.


15-04-2007 09:21:33

see if she registerd with an email. just contact her thru all methods in her profile. if that does not work, PM a mod. they can contact her thru the email with which she joined this site. u can email her at the email with which she signed up for your site as well OR the email she used on teh site u signed up for since she likely didnt go yellow for u


15-04-2007 09:49:01

tried to look this user up and it says dose not exist


15-04-2007 10:23:43

He does not have any other source to contact him except PM. Mods - can you look into this for me?