msbondkey gone red

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14-04-2007 19:27:17

msbondkey has gone red on yourfreevidioipods. she didnt reply to my pms till I notified a mod. then she told me she would send a refund as soon as she figured out how with paypal. I sent instructions but she didnt reply. I then sent a p.m. saying I would post here. Still no reply. So yall just look out if you do a trade with her. She dosent communicate and will not refund if she goes red.

sandra habina

15-04-2007 06:09:41

Thankyou for the headsup. I have a trade with her that I have been waiting to green, no communication either. I will cancel it.


17-04-2007 20:12:44

keep this up here


17-04-2007 20:15:28

It's really not that hard to refund a payment sent to you on paypal.....some people. Sorry she got ya = (


18-04-2007 09:09:08

BUMMER I did three trades with her, I hope they hold up, but I'm sure they want. I should kick the living....


22-04-2007 08:42:21

update Still no word from this trader