Where has amc5kidz gone?

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10-04-2007 20:51:02

Out of contact for more than 3 weeks, anyone have any available contact with him/her? I got a green for him/her and he has not responded to any of my PM's. I already PMed a mod, but they haven't replied.


11-04-2007 20:03:53

wow no one traded with this guy or what? he seems like a vet...but i dont know.


12-04-2007 14:21:37

last visit 3/27

email= at email=amc5kidz@comcast.netamc5kidz@comcast.net at email=amc5kidz@comcast.netamc5kidz@comcast.net/email


12-04-2007 16:38:32

I emailed him...lets hope he has responded.