Csullivan1's VACATION thread

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10-04-2007 17:00:37

Hey everyone,
I am leaving tomorrow morning and will be out of town until next Tuesday 4/17.....I should have access to the forums but will not be able to pay out any paypal or do any greens. I have made an attempt to notify all of my current trades but I'm not sure I got to everyone...Like I said I'll be on the forums so I'll get to you all at some point = )



10-04-2007 17:03:19

Have fun. Hope you are off to somewhere nice )


10-04-2007 17:38:16

Have fun, but not too much fun - I don't think you can do freebies from JAIL !! roll roll

Send us a postcard !!



10-04-2007 17:39:59

have a good vacation D


11-04-2007 06:02:57

Thank you = ). I'm actually going to DC to visit my brother and we were hoping to catch the cherry blossoms but I think the weather has destroyed them. We were also supposed to get a private tour of the White House but that got cancelled too....so who knows what we'll be doing = ). I'll be checking in on the forums though!! Thanks again!

sandra habina

12-04-2007 02:43:02

Oh there are lots of museums and monuments to see. Have a great time.