bigboi2004 on hold for Customorderthis

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10-04-2007 15:49:40

I log on today and check my email and lookie what I find from Customorderthis' Admin

[quote155db27a45="Admin"]A user you referred,, has been placed on hold. Your status is not affected when a referral is placed on hold, but they do not count toward your referral requirements. Here is the explanation we gave them

Offer Fraud It has been determined that you have frauded one of the offers you completed. This includes providing false information, early cancellation, or completing the offfer more than once.

The following notes were also included[/quote155db27a45]

I don't know what the notes are, it doesn't let me scroll down. I've pmed him and nothing heard back yet. I paid him on green, he had TR, but of course he's only been here for a couple days..... Ughhh.


10-04-2007 16:03:55

Oh, yea I forgot to mention in my PM, that the hold, is for doing several times...


10-04-2007 18:49:08

Did you Pm him - he went on hold on my money.123stuff and he did refund me. I think he is not real sure what he is doing yet.


10-04-2007 18:53:30

I pm'ed him tonight, but after talking to Patrick I don't think it is new issues.... He hadn't refunded him yet and he did stamps each time....


10-04-2007 18:59:46

I don't know, he DID say he would refund me. Don't know when, though. I'm going to PM him nicely again.


10-04-2007 19:08:52

It took him 3 days to refund me.


10-04-2007 19:09:00

I have attempted to contact him, and he cannot enter new trades pending an explanation and resolution of his outstanding issues.


10-04-2007 19:37:05

Thanks Keith D


10-04-2007 19:47:31

Thanks keith.

And follow up stacey, i'm not calling him a scammer, just a problem trader (other half of forum name), and want everyone else to stop trading before they get burned also. 11 trades in 4 days is good, but a lot of people could be/are missing money....

I just want it resolved. Not trying to cause problems.


10-04-2007 23:41:53

Just my two cents.

I was going to do a trade with him but his PM's to me raised too many red flags. He seemed to have too much knowledge for being new and was very demanding when it came to getting paid. So, i did not trade with him.

I hope you guys get your money back.


11-04-2007 08:56:00

Well, he read my PM and no response.... No refund either.... I went ahead and filed a paypal dispute. At least get that started.

Like I said, if it is a noob mistake, fine, let's fix it, but don't ignore it.


11-04-2007 08:59:22

Thanks for the info guys, I have 3 trades with him. Glad i didnt pay on green.


11-04-2007 11:35:04

Ya, I paid him for ipods.123. Does this mean that he is likely to go red on all 123 sites? Or will it just affect his Stamps related greens?


11-04-2007 13:04:53

He will go red on all sites he is signed up with, including any ones he signs up for in the future...


11-04-2007 13:15:34

That is not true. Most sites do not hold if someone has frauded an offer that they have not done on that site. So if he signs up and does a new offer, he will not go on hold for frauding on other sites, unless that rule is in the TOS.


11-04-2007 13:20:31

Well, all sites I have dealt with, that is a rule, because once a frauder, always a frauder...


11-04-2007 13:28:48

So i guess you stay away from YourGiftsFree then eh?


11-04-2007 13:32:30

For sure, I've heard to many bad thing about them..


13-04-2007 11:38:17

[quotee0cf52b7c3="patrick_7412"]Oh, yea I forgot to mention in my PM, that the hold, is for doing several times...[/quotee0cf52b7c3]
I asked Customorderthis and they told me that it was for True on mine... Man I hate that offer. Still no response to PMs, anyone else get refunded?


13-04-2007 11:40:10

[quote2d31f50907="givmea1032"][quote2d31f50907="patrick_7412"]Oh, yea I forgot to mention in my PM, that the hold, is for doing several times...[/quote2d31f50907]
I asked Customorderthis and they told me that it was for True on mine... Man I hate that offer. Still no response to PMs, anyone else get refunded?[/quote2d31f50907]

since dropped to 1/2 credit on most sites...ive seen very little scammers on our sites recently )


13-04-2007 11:41:54 is now a non incent offer.


13-04-2007 12:04:48

[quoted26fa6c90b="YourGiftsFree"] is now a non incent offer.[/quoted26fa6c90b]

I learn something new everyday )


14-04-2007 22:15:54

OMG! Paypal found in my favor and refunded me!! I know this is not usual in a green case, but I'm glad... I know, it was only 20 bucks, but its the principle of the matter, right? Patrick, I hope you get the same, I know you had a few trades with him....


14-04-2007 22:20:08

Awesome, rare, but awesome.


14-04-2007 22:23:07

Ya, I have one claim ending today, not from him though.

His all end on the 18th. Hopefully he has that $66 in his account...


19-04-2007 13:58:47

He ended up going Red for me on Ipods.123

I just requested a refund. We'll see what happens.


30-04-2007 00:07:38

I filed a paypal dispute, and got my money back.
I suggest everyone who got scammed, do this while he still has money in his account.