heads up for those trading (sort of advice)

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10-04-2007 09:06:45

this isnt for announcements i guess anymore but i figured i would post here as it makes most sense. advice for all
if you plan on cancelling a trade and requesting deletion, it is nice to let the person know with whom you are trading.
this has happened twice in the last day to me, i am sure it is happening with others.
the key to a happy trade or end to a trade is communication


10-04-2007 09:39:35

Good advice.


10-04-2007 12:52:48



10-04-2007 15:12:52

I should think that would fall under the category of a well known but often not followed custom called "common curtesy." shock

Margot wink


10-04-2007 15:57:33

Courtesy isn't always followed around here. New people wanting to make money....


10-04-2007 16:57:51

Though it's not always the new people.....I have had the pleasure of experienced traders agreeing to a trade, and just deciding not to complete it and request deletion. I got a little annoyed and had a PM war with the person, who stated they couldn't do any of the offers. Isn't that why we are supposed to request an offer list before we agree to a trade??


10-04-2007 19:31:30

I always make sure to notify the person who is flaking out on me to request deletion on the trade if they've accepted it. I've been pretty lucky so far. No one has deleted without telling me first. lol



11-04-2007 00:30:13

Sigh, happened to me a couple of times already.


11-04-2007 20:01:22

now what would happen or how do you go about it if nothing is ever heard from the other persaon?
Ihave 2 or 3 thatwere scammers who signed up for the site but that was it.


12-04-2007 04:31:49

[quote827b447b1e="microplane"]now what would happen or how do you go about it if nothing is ever heard from the other persaon?
Ihave 2 or 3 that were [b827b447b1e]scammers[/b827b447b1e] who signed up for the site but that was it.[/quote827b447b1e]

Just signing up for a site and not finishing it does not make someone a scammer (unless you paid them first). I have had many newbies who jump in all excited, and then two days later they are gone and we never hear from them again. You're stuck with PMing them twice (once in the first 7 days, once in the second) and then cancelling.

This just isn't for some people, and I guess it's better that they figured that out and left before they have problems.


13-04-2007 15:55:45

Yeah..just signing up to a site and not completeing it is not considered scamming even though it ticks you off. ?