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09-04-2007 17:56:12

This trader responded to one of my trading threads on 3/30/06 and said they would do both of my sites, yournintendowii4free and hotgifts4free. This trader has 64TR. I paid first. First sign of trouble was the fact that their paypal account was restricted. I knew I should have cancelled the transaction and trade right then, but thought with a TR that high I was safe. Anyways, Imaisell greened on yournintendowii4free quickly but said hotgifts4you was unavailable. I got right in to it but I said okay. On 3/31/07, the trader was signed up for hotgifts4you but no credits. On 4/2, I sent a pm asking what offers they had completed and if they were instant ones could they submit a support ticket because this site allows you to submit them right away. I also asked if they could leave TR on the other trade since I had already paid. The response was, I will soon. Please wait. On 4/5, I sent another pm and I submitted a support ticket to hotgifts4you inquiring if this trader had completed an offer. I received a response that this trader had clicked on one offer, Columbia House, but it appeared that they had not completed the offer. I sent another pm on 4/7 and still no response, both of my pm's are still in my Outbox and I have watched and not seen this trader on the forum in some time. I have pm'd a moderator and not had a response so I just wanted to put this out here to see if anyone else has had any issues with this trader or knows of another way for me to contact them since I stupidly paid through paypal and there is no way to file a dispute. I also thought it was strange that a trader has 64TR and not one post. Anyone that can give me information it would be greatly appreciated.


09-04-2007 18:06:46


Have you seen this...... ?


09-04-2007 18:23:13

Actually I had seen that before I traded and sent mnx12 a pm to ask if it had been resolved and they had responded that imaisell had a friend green for him/her right away so it was all taken care of.


10-04-2007 17:45:57

Anybody out there with any info on this trader?

Big War Bird

10-04-2007 17:52:29

We have a trade but he hasn't signed up for my site yet and hasn't read my pm asking him to get to it. It's been about two weeks since I set up the trade. I had dealt with him in the past and not had any problem then.


10-04-2007 17:54:52

We've done 3 trades and has gone Red on 2 of them. Does NOT respond to my PMs. I've been had


14-04-2007 18:57:49

Anyone have any info on this person at all?

K Howard

06-05-2007 15:28:43

He got me on zeropricetags also.