gutsy77070 placed on hold on zeropricetags

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09-04-2007 00:12:25

I paid gutsy77070 for 4 sites, I hope the hold on zeropricetags doesn't indicate 3 more holds to come and the possible loss of my money?!?!

Can I file a claim with paypal now or must I wait to see if on the other sites they are placed on hold as well? I paid with one lump sum.


10-04-2007 12:58:31



10-04-2007 14:50:47

I don't know if PayPal will allow a partial refund request or not. You could ask the question through customer support on the PayPal site.

Have you PMd the trader who went on hold? Often people go on hold for simple mistakes or things that are easily explained, and holds are sometimes reversed once the situation is explained. The other trader may also be willing to just refund your money for the site in question if it can not be fixed. I'd try that first.



11-04-2007 01:09:55

Thank you Laurel.


12-04-2007 14:25:01

last visit April 6

email= at at


12-04-2007 23:55:51

Thank you doylnea, I sent him an email yesterday, waiting for a response.