Watch out for user!!!!

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08-04-2007 15:15:04

He signed up for my TRAINN site 3 times with 3 different emails...

The other 2 are and

Watch out...He is easy to spot because of his constant mispelled words and incoherent sentences...


08-04-2007 15:18:19

I think that sounds fair ... I mean, signing up with 3 accounts can (and probably will) be considered fraud, as is the fact that they tried from 3 different IP addresses.

I guess it depends on the site in question...


08-04-2007 15:26:44

TRAINN site...


08-04-2007 15:38:52

I'm not sure how Trainn will handle it ... I have had a positive experience with them, though, so hopefully you will have the same, and the situation will come out on a positive side )


09-04-2007 11:02:00

He was denied credit...