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07-04-2007 19:42:51

I signed up a couple of months ago,1 of the first sites i did was 5004me,I read the TOS and proceeded doing an offer,well as some people might know who has ever been on a pc before my pc was running slow.
So not knowing whether my offer went thru and getting frustrated at the pc proceeded to pounce on the keyboard.The offer did go thru the first time so i ended up doing the offer twice.

I was put on hold by someone named Alesha who gave this in a very nice tone if you read right

You can not complete offers twice, even if a credit didn't go through. If it doesn't credit, you have to submit for manual credit - NOT redo the offer. Redoing any offer twice or more is considered fraud and your accounts will go on hold. I'm sorry but the hold stands.

Well thayt was 2 months ago,during which time you have had scammers andactually "REAL" fraudsters run havoc and nothings been done,but when you get honest traders who have had no problems with the many sites they have done,and actually helped a few they or she steps on them.

When i inquired about the length of the hold this was her reaction,

We're not frauding anyone. We have rules and we have the TOS that instructs users on the rules. Every user that signs up has to agree to the rules and that they read them. You violated this and we are not to blame. Sorry.
Then closes the case,no further action,like slamming thew door in your face.


07-04-2007 19:47:05

Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. However, and this is nothing against you, but you did break the TOS when you did the offer twice, regardless the reason.

I know that it sucks, seeing how you were not trying to fraud and it was an honest mistake. However, sites can't take the time to investigate every hold claim, so while you seem to be a perfectly honest person who made an honest mistake, the bottom line is that you broke the TOS and your account was placed on hold.

Sorry, but that's the truth.


07-04-2007 19:57:16

Do you REALLY have to make multiple threads about this? http//


07-04-2007 19:58:07

What does "Hold" actually mean? temporarely or permanently?


07-04-2007 20:06:18

[quote839875db1e="microplane"]What does "Hold" actually mean? temporarely or permanently?[/quote839875db1e]
Getting an account placed on hold, regardless the site, usually means permanently. Now, sometimes you can get your account opened back up; however, it is on a site-by-site, case-by-case situation. And yes, it is completely up to the site personnel to decide if they are going to open your account or not; all you can hope to do is to ask them nicely and hope they investigate to see you are honest.

If they still say no, then there is not much else you can do.


07-04-2007 20:24:12

Thank you,thats basically what i wanted to know if iot was temp or perm,
Hold usually means temp so i wasn't sure,thank you


08-04-2007 04:59:45

Well you broke their TOS, most good sites probably wouldn't care because it's an honest mistake, but Free4Me is a money-hungry scam site from everything I've read, check out the Free4Me section on here, everything is bad.


08-04-2007 15:18:36

[quotec0f78129f2="DIABLO"]Well you broke their TOS, most good sites probably wouldn't care because it's an honest mistake, but Free4Me is a money-hungry scam site from everything I've read, check out the Free4Me section on here, everything is bad.[/quotec0f78129f2]



08-04-2007 17:51:46

LOL @ Diablo... your on hold at Free4Me as well, I assume?

I've completed 3 Free4Me sites and its been nothing short of amazing. My 2nd favorite network after Trainn.


08-04-2007 19:30:27

ya it has been a great network for me, got my first cashout from them )

and it is your mistake, srry to say that (

sandra habina

12-04-2007 02:52:26

Just finishing up Gaming.Free4me. Expecting a great network.


12-04-2007 11:00:52

Yep as long as you dont break the TOS you are good to go that includes multiple offer completions, signing up with a proxy - which includes AOL and NetZero - your IP will come back to many users and thats a nono - and also only one person per household can sign up - meaning one person per IP as well as accurate shipping information - even if you are doing PayPal only. wink

Hope you guys get your items soon! D


15-04-2007 01:48:03

You broke the ToS and from a business standpoint, if they become lenient to you then they have to do the same for everyone else and somewhere in that pool of people are scammers taking advantage of it. It's a honest mistake on your part but they can't bend their rules.