Do not trade with BRRROSFAM

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07-04-2007 12:23:38

just got a trade hopefull i thought a newbie as well no tr the such,was going to do 2 trades with me after reading and posting in my thread where i specificaly said on approval and here was his responce...

Wow, I sign up and you tell me you won't pay me up front?

Cancelling trade.

be careful everyone


07-04-2007 12:33:02

hmmm he posted in my thread too and i set 2 trades up



07-04-2007 12:36:41

what a joke, he pm'd me 2 minutes after telling me that the sites have crappy offers



07-04-2007 13:16:47

and he is going to almost every other post in the forum saying he can do the ofers and sites there.Read his thread you will see how he is.


07-04-2007 13:38:01

I thought he would be trouble so I didnt do any trades with him.....He seemed to know soooo much for just starting. Plus the asking for more money thing...