Apologies to my zeropricetags referrals

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07-04-2007 03:37:48

I have a few traders who say they have gone green on zeropricetags. Unfortunately, for some reason I cannot get in to the site. The site administrator (JKirk) and I have been PM'ing each other back and forth to figure this out. As soon as I can get in to verify your greens, $$ will be on the way.



07-04-2007 07:25:45

Let me verify this, there seems to be some problem with his account and it is being worked on ASAP by my coder. Sorry about that, guys.


07-04-2007 20:18:08

This was just meant as a heads up. I do not in any way mean to imply that I have a problem with the site. In fact, JKirk and I have been in constant communication about this since the problem started, and he has been most helpful. I know we will get to the bottom of this soon, whether its a site problem or its a "my computer is a piece of crap" problem.