what the hell

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06-04-2007 10:21:30

who the flilili is this
Michelle Fazekas, email==mfazekas01@comcast.netmfazekas01@comcast.net=mfazekas01@comcast.netmfazekas01@comcast.net/email

sent a paypal dispute to me for $20 and i don't even know this person and i dont know what service for $20 she is talking about ... don't ever start a dispute without contacting the person
.. stupid .. messed up my paypal


06-04-2007 10:36:39



07-04-2007 22:17:45

i dont understand... she opened it,, yet no emails or nothing ..


15-04-2007 11:05:21

You went red on gaming.customorderthis.com. Also, the note said you were put on hold for having multiple accounts. Therefore, I initiated a dispute because it was the 30th day exactly since the payment was sent. However, the site administrator at gaming.customorderthis.com took your account off hold after I submitted the order again. Therefore, I cancelled the dispute immediately that day within minutes, There is no way your paypal account should be messed up for that. So, if you want to post a dispute had been initiated that is fine. However, I think it's also important you post the dispute has been cancelled. If you had a concern regarding it, you could easily have contacted me. Since, the dispute was cancelled and your green was accepted and you were paid for the trade, I did not see any problem. Well, hope all this information clarifies everything. Had I not been told you went red, I would never had initiated the dispute to begin with. Keep in mind, you already had a scammer report thread here and I was in a position to protect myself. Either way, this matter is over. The trade was successful. Thanks.


15-04-2007 11:08:15

Also, I'm sure gaming.customorderthis.com would have sent you emails too regarding the fact your account was both put on hold and taken off.


15-04-2007 11:15:19

Here is the first thread that I saw about mlarkin3 that made me hesitant when I saw this user was red initially.



15-04-2007 11:19:27

[quote8f2545f02b="pennybags"]Also, I'm sure gaming.customorderthis.com would have sent you emails too regarding the fact your account was both put on hold and taken off.[/quote8f2545f02b]

I'm pretty sure they don't, I don't think any sites do that.


15-04-2007 11:50:48

i happened to look at it, and i saw i was put on red ... i contacted the admin he said it was his fault and he removed the hold i i have 2 email address i use, but i never signup for the same site more then 1 time... and wow i just saw i have a tread about me


15-04-2007 12:13:36

It was really the site's mistake. However, the site administrator took good care of it. Truly, this was a misunderstanding. However, mlarkin3 went green successfully. So Thanks again for your help.