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04-04-2007 20:28:27

Sorry, but I forgot to mention that yes, I am a newbie, & I'm not out to ruin anybody's rep in this forum. I'm just speaking from experience. If I had done my homework I would've contacted a Mod about this shady behavior, but I didn't. I spent at least 3 weeks sending PM's & giving tgtone4u the opportunity to rectify the situation. After a while, I simply gave up & moved on. Yet & still, it's been over 6 weeks & this person hasn't even attempted to get in touch with me, let alone pay me for all my hard work. I chose to simply take it as a loss, because you live & you learn, right? Fortunately, I've had the pleasure of dealing with honest individuals who take this trading thing seriously, & have gone all out to make sure that the trades went smoothly & that I was compensated as promised. Thanx. I refuse to let 1 bad experience ruin things for me.


04-04-2007 20:58:56

It's good to hear that you haven't let one bad experience ruin the whole thing for you. I know there are a few people that I've tried to work with, but they declined because they had a bad experience and decided to quit.

Sometimes bad things happen, but as long as you take them in stride, things generally work out in the end.


05-04-2007 04:52:39

This would have been MUCH better if you posted it in the same thread as your post - this way it's just confusing unless you've read the other.


05-04-2007 05:39:27

Yes Laurel,
it would've been MUCH better if i'd posted it in my 1st thread. I realize that & I'm not trying to confuse anyone. If you remember correctly, I did start out with an apology for NOT including it in the 1st thread. Nobody's perfect & we're all bound to make mistakes. Thanx for calling me out on it anyway.


05-04-2007 05:42:33

You could have just edited the first one...


05-04-2007 05:56:07

Thanx. I'll keep that in mind in case it happens again.


05-04-2007 08:51:10

[quote829543bef0="TryinToGetPaid"]You could have just edited the first one...[/quote829543bef0]

Or even just posted in the thread.

And saying "oh I forgot to mention" is not quite the same as "I should have posted in the same thread, but....."

When the posts get seperated (as they will), this post will be confusing to anyone who has not read the other. I'm not trying to get on you about it, just explaining. We all have to learn somewhere.


sandra habina

05-04-2007 09:50:18

I hope you have found many good traders to make your experiences better. Good luck dear


05-04-2007 17:18:11

We need traders like you!