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04-04-2007 20:15:57

Anyone ever dealt with tgtone4u? Unfortunately, I did my 1st trade with this person, went green, & haven't heard from him since. Checked his profile a few weeks back & it said that he was banned from site. Checked again tonite & it said nothing about him being banned. Just givin everyone a heads - up. Beware!!!


05-04-2007 04:50:52

Might have been a temp-ban for posting something he shouldn't have.

How long has it been?? Are your PMs in your Outbox or Sentbox?? Was your agreement "on green" or "on approval"??

Just trying to clarify the situation.



05-04-2007 05:29:19

Well Laurel, the trade was set up on Feb. 12 & the agreement was that I'd be paid on green. I sent a PM as soon as I completed offer, which was less than 30 minutes after first contact with this person. I waited three days before sending another PM because it was my first trade & I didn't want to seem impatient. Still, nothing. Waited another three days, sent at least 3 PM's asking what had happened & why I hadn't been paid, etc. Again, nothing. I tried to wait it out but after three weeks & no reply, it dawned on me that this person had no intentions of paying me. Like I said, I wrote it off as a loss & moved on. I was a little too eager to make money & it backfired on me. Lesson learned! It's been close to two months & I haven't heard a word from tgtone4u. There's no doubt in my mind that I was scammed. Oh, and th PM's are in my outbox.


05-04-2007 06:30:37

Yeah looked like the ban might have happened due to bumping maybe?

Big War Bird

05-04-2007 07:06:44

Yet another example of why newbies should not trade with each other.


05-04-2007 17:22:34

Its sad that you just start trading and got scammed rite then. We need to take more actions to have all these dishonest trade banned from the community.


06-04-2007 03:11:47