David Beroff

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04-04-2007 15:17:33

I believe this is an honest trader. However, I went green a week ago and still have no money. Every few days I receive an e telling me this and that has gone on. I suspect he is way busy but I did my part and he hasn't yet fullfilled his. This is my first trade and I want the money. The messages I receive don't seem to be directed to me individually, just mass mailed to many. I hope by posting here that I am feeling .. not so good .. about this trade, he will get the message and respond to me.


04-04-2007 15:19:11

He's a good guy, I'm sure he will get back to you. Are you sure the trade details didn't involve you waiting until he passed through verification on ZeroPricetags?


04-04-2007 15:22:41

The deal was for me to go green .. then green within 24 hours. I did that.


04-04-2007 15:27:34

jschaal, here is the description of your trade, directly from the trade module $20 upon approval for ZeroPricetags

You have a trade with someone else that you requested to be deleted, where the terms were "$20 upon green for zeropricetags". However, you agreed to be paid by David Beroff upon approval, so he doesn't owe you until his account is approved.