Sign Up and Paypal Issues...strange

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04-04-2007 12:51:33

Hey All,
A strange thing happened today.
I got a package from People PC online but I never ordered from that company.
When I called to ask them what was up, I found out the e-mail that was used for sign-up was the e-mail of a member here who I dealt with circa March 15th. The case is pending.
Separate incident
A few days ago I got an odd e-mail that seemed like a paypal payment receipt for a camera that was allegedly bought with my account. There was a name and address on it as well. At the bottom was a link which said [b631dc6aa3e][i631dc6aa3e]Dispute this Claim[/i631dc6aa3e][/b631dc6aa3e]. So I clicked it. When I clicked it, I was asked for my credit card info, but the page I got to looked like an authentic paypal page. The ONLY reason I didn't enter any info is that I checked the status bar for the lock that tells you your info is secure and [b631dc6aa3e][i631dc6aa3e]https[/color631dc6aa3e][/i631dc6aa3e][/b631dc6aa3e] in the address bar. [b631dc6aa3e]Both[/b631dc6aa3e] elements were missing.
So I filed a report with paypal which is pending. What do you make of that?


04-04-2007 12:54:24

If you never bought the camera, its a fake.


04-04-2007 13:05:48

the latter is a typical phish. If you entered your email address and password, they've already harvested it. I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE CHANGING YOUR PAYPAL PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY.


04-04-2007 13:34:07 got owned. If you had credit cards attached to that account...cancel them now.


04-04-2007 16:05:21

Thanks guys I'll check it out.